Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    19:00, Thu 4th December 2014 - Fri 5th December 2014 at Robinson College Auditorium
    Michaelmas Week 8

    New Year's Day 2050, Compound Camelot. There's not much to look forward to in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, so when the Green Knight crashes the party with a game of Russian Roulette, Gawain's only too eager to go. There's just one twist – the winner has to take a shot from the loser in exactly one year's time. It suddenly sounds less stupid when the Green Knight gets back up and wipes the blood from his face. Thus begins Gawain's quest to fulfil his oath, in the face of the plague-ridden wasteland, its barbarous cannibals, and himself. The beginning and ending won't necessarily be the same...


    Sir Gawain -
    King Arthur -
    Bishop -
    Guinevere -
    Green Knight/Bertilak -
    Lady Bertilak -
    Stranger -
    Stephanie -
    Knight, Shepherd, Trader - ,
    Big Tissue Vendor, Knight -
    Shoelace Trader -
    Single Sock Trader -
    Knight -
    Shiny Object Trader -
    Knight -
    Knight, Rat Trap Trader -
    Lancelot -

    Production Team

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