Black Shuck Theatre presents...

    It's all Geek to Me

    19:00, Fri 24th – Sat 25th July 2015 at Corpus Playroom
    Summer Vacation

    Which is your favourite fandom? Does a Baker’s Dozen fit into the TARDIS? Could Satan be defeated by Cards Against Humanity®? Does one ring truly rule them all? Why does dubstep sound like Transformers having sex? If a fangirl implodes and a fanboy explodes, which one will “squee”? Did someone say Loki? What would you do if a fellow survivor told you to look at the flowers? He-Man® asks “What’s going on?” Do you know the answer to these questions, because it’s all geek to me. Thankfully this sketch show will sort your Muggles from your Bronies.


    Production Team