By Johnny King

    12:00, Mon 6th June 2016 - Fri 10th June 2016 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    19:00, Fri 20th January 2017 at short film
    Easter Week 6 to Lent Week 0

    Violet smiles through her middling comedy gig, mulling over the last dregs of her aspirations and many a bottle of wine. Her friend Io struggles to make sense out of the Oracle of the Skip and her elusive threads of prophecy. In the meantime, petty ambitions run amok in the offices of Butler Dramatics, bedrooms are laden with anxious concern, and romance in back alleys isn't quite what it used to be.

    Chicane is a short film: a story in reverse that presents the simplicity and strangeness of people and their lives in the most appropriate way: unexplained.


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