COGGLES presents...Macbeth: He Meant Well

20:00, Fri 14th October 2016 at St Giles Church, Cambridge CB3 0AQ
Michaelmas Week 1

COGGLES presents...Macbeth: He Meant Well!

Was Macbeth really a murderer, or was he just misunderstood? Opinions differ. Banquo is fairly set on his, but there is another side to the story. Featuring three witches, one Scottish accent and an increasing number of sheets, "Macbeth: He Meant Well" explores the difficulties of trying not to murder people when your very name is cursed and there is a coven of witches following you around talking about the weather.

COGGLES (Cambridge Old Graduate and Graduand Light Entertainment Society) are a society that takes theatre to people who don't normally get a chance to see it. In particular, we are a part of CULES, who do the same thing, but we do it in the middle of exam term where there is nothing else going on! Previous venues have included a variety of old people's homes and Fulbourn Mental Health Hospital.


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