By Eleanor Colville, Orlando Gibbs, and Dillon Mapletoft

    17:15, Thu 4th – Wed 24th August 2016 at Espionage Pravda (Laughing Horse Comedy), Edinburgh Fringe
    Summer Vacation

    FLOSS is a brand new shiny sketch show by Eleanor, Orlando and Dillon.

    Join these three Cambridge Footlights for a feel-good hour of dizzying highs and devastatingly crushing lows. You don't want to miss out!!!

    From the people who brought you The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2015: Love Handles, Footlights Pantomime 2015: Robin Hood and are preparing for The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2016: Lagoon, comes another stupid sketch show.

    Previous praise:

    “Impeccably written and performed” Varsity

    “Some of the best comic acting I have ever seen” The Tab

    “Its unique brand of humour is as wonderful as it is weird; its sharp intelligence deftly balanced with a charming lack of pretension” The Tab

    “Probably the best student comedy performance I have ever seen.” The Tab

    “This is one student sketch show you don’t want to miss” Broadway Baby

    “Consistently brilliant” EdFringe Review

    N.B. FLOSS is not performing on 15 or 22 August.


    Production Team