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SiX - Photographer

5:55pm, Wed 2nd August 2017 - Sun 27th August 2017, at Sweet Grassmarket @ Edinburgh Fringe

Divorced, beheaded,live in concert!

The six wives of Henry VIII are back ...performing their highly-anticipated show as the world-famous girl-group, SIX! Ripped from the pages of stuffy history books, this newly written musical has all the sass and sparkle of a 21st century pop concert performed by history’s most misunderstood women.

With a live band and heaps of high-energy choreography, let SIX sing you through the hook-ups and heartbreaks hidden behind Henry - this is a punchy, herstoric retelling of events that will blow away the cobwebs!

For the first time, the Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society is taking an original musical to the Edinburgh Fringe. Get ready for a combination of some of the best writing, musical, acting, technical and creative talent in Cambridge!

These Walls @ Edinburgh Fringe 2017 - Photographer

12:30pm, Sat 5th August 2017 - Sun 20th August 2017, at Sweet Venues, Edinburgh

‘These Walls’ is a story of three young women facing walls in their lives. Eden is contained within the walls of expectation: she cannot escape from the image nor stray from the path of perfection which other people draw for her. She is top of her class, captain of the netball team and three-time winner of the British secondary school debating championship. Chrissy is trapped by a lack of expectation. She has only ever been defined as a beauty, a beautiful object. She works as an erotic dancer though no-one ever wants anything more from her than her body. She has been fenced into a lifestyle she loathes. Althea is limited by her love. She loves an unfaithful man but cannot bring herself to leave him. These women find themselves brought together and forced to face their vulnerability, envy and hypocrisy. The walls close in as each woman is physically detained and forced to remember, forced to decide. Will one catalyzing event break down these walls?

CRAVE · Edinburgh Fringe - Photographer

11:00pm, Mon 14th August 2017 - Sat 19th August 2017, at TheSpace on North Bridge (Argyll Theatre)
10:00pm, Mon 21st August 2017 - Sat 26th August 2017, at TheSpace on North Bridge (Argyll Theatre)

“Why do you drink so much?” / “The fags aren’t killing me fast enough”

Sat together by chance, four unnamed strangers unearth their darkest moments. In this post-truth world, Kane’s brutal and unadulterated tragedy is defiantly honest. One of Sarah Kane’s final works, CRAVE returns to the festival where it premiered in 1998. Brought to you by a creative team previously described as “visionary” and behind many “must-see” productions in Cambridge (Varsity; TCS), this retelling of Sarah Kane’s masterpiece is unmissable.

“I’m looking for a time and place free of things that crawl, fly or sting”

Crimes of the Heart @ Edinburgh Fringe - Photographer

10:30am, Mon 14th August 2017 - Sat 26th August 2017, at The Space on North Bridge

In 1950s Hazlehurst, Mississippi, the three Mcgrath sisters have returned home, awaiting news of the family patriarch - their grandfather - who is living out his final hours in hospital. Lenny, the oldest sister, is unmarried and facing dwindling marriage prospects; Meg, the middle sister, has returned after a failed stint in Hollywood, and the youngest sister, Babe, is out on bail after shooting her husband.

Their troubles, serious and yet hilarious, unravel throughout the play; as past resentments bubble to the surface, the sisters are forced to face the consequences of the various “crimes of the heart” that they have committed.

An example of black comedy at its finest, Crimes of the Heart is a comedic exploration of loneliness, deceit and ultimately what it means to be a family.


**** The Tab "It’s so catchy that you are humming retro tunes on the way home, planning to wear a dotted skirt the day after and have the strong impulse to drink a coke as soon as possible."

8/10 TCS "Any fool who believes that idiotic idea that women aren’t funny needs to see this, and spend an evening laughing at these fabulously dark comic performance."

Human Animals @ Edinburgh Fringe - Photographer

11:00am, Mon 14th August 2017 - Sat 19th August 2017, at SpaceTriplex
12:30pm, Mon 21st August 2017 - Sat 26th August 2017, at SpaceTriplex

Blood dries darker than you think
It's the moment of darkness into deeper darkness
Are those my only options?
Congealed red on the glass
A mouse in your cereal box
A noise up ahead
A scratching between the wall
As they shot them right through the wing
Are you going to kiss me back?
Are you going to?

Nature is revolting! London struggles against an animal infestation - or does it? In the midst of the chaos, six characters endure a restrictive, claustrophobic existence: as curfews are enforced, roads closed and parks burned to the ground, their humanity is reduced to one alarmingly similar to their animal companions. Smith’s play presents a twisted version of natural selection that interrogates how far society will go to protect itself. As animal instincts kick in and civility is discarded, characters must choose between fight or flight. Should they bare their teeth and bite back, or roll over compliantly?

e x i l e @ Edinburgh Fringe - Photographer

9:30am, Mon 14th August 2017 - Sat 26th August 2017, at SpaceTriplex: Big

“I used to think I could just replant myself – that exile was a new garden in which to grow. But now my roots are rotting. I’ll stop being a tree and turn into sand.”

Six women meet in exile. They don’t know where they are. They don’t know when, or who, or why. Stuck in this place of placelessness, enclosed and without borders, they search in the sand for memories of home as their identity slips through their fingers. It hasn’t rained in weeks. Medea feels entitled to the last drop. Antoinette is trapped in the attic. Agave is haunted by the image of her son’s severed head. Samasti just got her period. Abhita thinks this is a joke. And Elaheh wants to write down the desert. As tensions run high and the water runs out, the women are forced to unearth their stories.

Bad Habits (Edinburgh Fringe) - Photographer

1:30pm, Tue 15th August 2017 - Sat 26th August 2017, at The Big Cave, Just The Tonic

It is 1725 and, in the convent of Saint Simeon, another sinner has arrived to repent. Little does this young lady expect to become the audience to one of the most scandalous stories eighteenth century England has to offer.

Bad Habits sees one woman’s struggle to capture the heart of a man who gets bored as soon as they have slept together. Fantomina is forced to don increasingly outlandish disguises in order to secure herself just one more night. With the help of a sarcastic vicar, beleaguered innkeeper and a handful of unconventional nuns, both of our heroines will learn that debauchery is really rather fun, and that perhaps happy endings can be reached without the need for wedding bells.
Bad Habits is the farcical tale of one woman's pursuit of love and sex. But mostly just the sex.

Bad Habits reimagines Godfrey and West's earlier work, Love in a Maze, which was described as "an absolute gem of a show" (CTR, 4 stars) and "astoundingly unconventional" (Varsity, 4 stars).

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