The Strip
    By Phyllis Nagy

    19:45, Tue 3rd March 2015 - Sat 7th March 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 7

    Set somewhere between hope, glory and the endless wasteland, hanging on to the dregs of a now pixelated American Dream, is Phyllis Nagy’s ludicrously epic ‘The Strip’.

    Having premiered at The Royal Court in 1995, the play is even more relevant now than ever, with the exponential growth of our addiction to celebrity and an everlasting aspiration for destiny. With its ludicrously interwoven plot lines, 10 characters chase their wants and hopes across the transatlantic wilderness for forgotten clichés of love and success. Will they make it before the impending solar eclipse?

    Nagy’s writing takes us on a terrific journey with complete absurdity, bitingly bitter humour and bleak resonance in a production that delights and rockets towards The Strip’s kaleidoscopic end.


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