Gianni Schicchi
    By Giacomo Puccini

    14:30, Sat 18th June 2016 at Cambridge Union Debating Chamber
    19:00, Sat 18th June 2016 at Cambridge Union Debating Chamber
    Easter Week 7

    Buoso Donati is dead. His relatives are gathered to mourn his loss with the utmost sincerity. They obviously don't care at all about the vast wealth (particularly 'the mule, the house and the mills at Signa') and who it may have been bequeathed to. But it actually turns out that Donati has flagrantly left all of his possessions to a monastery and the bickering frantic relatives, desperate to do anything to prevent Donati's money going to help the church and the poor, turn to the one man who can help them. The humble, lowly, yet devious Gianni Schicchi.

    Puccini's only comedic work, this hilarious and ridiculous piece, with its impeccably beautiful music will be staged by the Cambridge University Opera Society this June in the original Italian. This new immersive production, perfectly situated in the round in the Cambridge Union Debating Chamber, will throw together farce, slapstick, pantomime, commedia dell'arte (and possibly some audience involvement) in pursuing a fully engaging, anarchic production of one of Puccini's most successful shorter works.

    Don't worry if you can't speak Italian, neither can we.

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