A Festival of New Writing

    19:30, Thu 12th – Fri 13th March 2015 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
    Lent Week 8

    Downing Dramatic Society are hosting a New Writing Festival Downing's Howard Theatre. We are looking for new one act plays, running at no longer than 20 minutes, to be submitted by the end of January. The best submissions will be staged and watched by a panel of top industry professionals and special guests who will then offer advice and feedback. The winner's prize will include an opportunity to develop the writing further, with support from the society. Many exciting surprises to be announced in due course. Get those pens scratching and await further announcements!


    Officer Bell (The Man Who Ran a Red)
    Ivan (The Man Who Ran a Red)
    Superintendent (The Man Who Ran a Red)
    Nurse (Beautiful Voices)
    Soldier (Beautiful Voices)
    Decca (The Howl)
    Jamie (The Howl)
    Mark (Spin)
    Andrew (Spin)
    Eva (Hamelin)
    Christopher (Hamelin)
    Christopher's Mother (Hamelin)
    Priest (Hamelin)
    Juliette (Testament)
    Lionel (Testament)
    Tilly (Testament)
    George (Testament)
    1 (Two men wearing dresses)
    2 (Two men wearing dresses)

    Production Team

    Creative Director –
    Publicity Designer
    Stage Manager
    Assistant Producer
    Director (Beautiful Voices) –
    Director (The Man Who Ran a Red) –
    Director (Hamelin) –
    Director (The Howl) –
    Director (The Lazarus Project) –
    Director (Two men wearing dresses) –
    Director (Panther) –
    Costume Designer (Hamelin) –
    Director (Spin) –
    Director (Lily) –
    Technical Director