We'll Meet Again
    By Nathan Miller

    19:00, Tue 3rd – Sat 7th March 2015 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 7

    Late at night, 1941, London – heavy rain and the distant crashes of heavy bombing.

    Max Slater, engineer for the British Government is preparing a demonstration for a field agent. Corks with a compartment for secret messages, lighters with secret cavities, hollow coins and keys with concealed blades are tonight’s entertainment.

    She will arrive any minute. Cara Satin.

    But surely it can’t be his Cara Satin? The girl who always seems to turn up at the most unexpected moments and turn his life upside down all over again.

    In 1991, two researchers are writing a book about a legendary spy, Cara Satin, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. They visit the home of an elderly couple where the husband, Max, claims to have known her. Will his fondly held memories hold the answer to Cara’s whereabouts?


    Cara (Child)
    Cara (Teenage)
    Cara (Adult)
    Aunt Lena
    Miss Petal
    Peter/Child 1
    Jamie/Child 2
    Alice/Child 3/Goon 1
    Goon 2
    Mrs Slater
    Understudy Child/Alice

    Production Team

    Writer/Co-director –
    Assistant Producer
    Technical Director
    Costume –
    Assistant Costume and Makeup –
    Publicity –
    Set Designer
    Consultant Set Designer –
    Lighting Designer
    Associate Producer –
    Set Consultant –
    Hair Designer –
    Fight Choreographer –