Unravelling the Ribbon
    By Mary Kelly and Maureen White

    23:00, Wed 8th February 2017 - Sat 11th February 2017 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3

    ‘Unravelling the Ribbon’ is a light-hearted, touching play about three Irish women whose lives are changed by breast cancer. The characters interact, separate and come together in a moving tale of love and survival.
    Rose is thirty-four, living on a farm in Tipperary with her husband and two children. She discovers a lump in her breast, which is found to be cancerous. Her relationship with her husband deteriorates. Her daughter Lyndsey is eleven, both obsessed with and terrified of her primary school ‘friends.’ She is self-absorbed, an innocent (and sometimes unbearable) detraction from the emotional experience of her mother: ‘did anyone even bother to ask how I felt about having a bald mother? No.’ Alongside them is Lola, she is in her fifties, living lonely in Dublin. She had cancer five-years ago and struggled with her diagnosis and treatment, pushing her husband, who has since died, away.
    When Lola meets Lyndsey, and is then introduced to Rose, they form intense, life-changing bonds.


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