Mirror, Mirror OFF THE WALL
    By Eloïse Poulton

    17:15, Fri 4th – Sat 19th August 2017 at Greenside @ Royal Terrace, Jade Studio, Edinburgh Fringe
    Summer Vacation

    ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall – does this selfie make my nose look big?’ Your favourite fairytales in disguise, this ‘once upon a time’ is happening right now. Pretty can be ugly; can evil be good? Don’t count on Prince Charming™ to whisk you away on his gallant steed: these princesses aren’t all white as snow and rosy-lipped, and they don’t always care about being the fairest. The whispered secrets in your childhood stories are coming out to play in the modern day. This could be love at first sight – will you swipe right?


    Narrator 1/Verity Royal/Angie
    Narrator 2/Bella Rose/Lisa
    Narrator 3/George Knights
    Narrator 4/Melissa Kismet/Amy/River Woman

    Production Team

    Director, Writer –
    Musical Director
    Lighting Designer
    Publicity Designer