Blathersprite presents...

    Spurt of Blood
    By Antonin Artaud

    19:30, Wed 8th – Fri 10th June 2016 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Easter Week 6

    "I love you and everything is beautiful."

    An immense wheel turns and cuts through the wind. A hurricane separates two young lovers. Across the world, two Stars collide, a prostitute's hair is set on fire and a priest searches a banquet of rotting food in the hope of finding a piece of Swiss cheese.

    This new adaptation of Antonin Artaud's 'Spurt of Blood' incorporated with writing from Artaud's greater body of work and sequences of dance and music, brings to life the genius and the madness of the world's greatest proponent of the Theatre of Cruelty. This is a journey unlike any other.

    "The theatre will never find itself again… except by furnishing the spectator with the truthful precipitate of dreams, in which his taste for crime, his erotic obsessions, his savagery, his chimeras, his utopian sense of life and matter, even his cannibalism pour out on a level not counterfeit and illusory, but interior."


    Young Woman
    Young Woman (Nun)
    The Madam/Cobbler

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