UCATT 2017: Time of My Life
    By Alan Ayckbourn

    19:00, Sat 9th September 2017 at Chinese International School, Hangzhou, China
    19:00, Tue 12th September 2017 at Yunnan Normal University Affiliated High School, Kunming, China
    19:00, Fri 15th September 2017 at Beijing Foreign Studies University, China
    16:00, Mon 18th September 2017 at Chinese International School, Hong Kong
    17:00, Wed 20th September 2017 at Jade Hall, Hyundai Department Store, Seoul, South Korea
    18:00, Thu 21st September 2017 at British Council, Seoul, South Korea
    13:00, Sun 24th September 2017 at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Okinawa, Japan
    13:00, Wed 27th September 2017 at St. Maur International School, Yokohama, Japan
    13:00, Fri 29th September 2017 at British School Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
    19:00, Sat 14th – Sun 15th October 2017 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    20:00, Mon 16th October 2017 at The Old Sorting Office Art Centre, London
    Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 2

    "When do we know when we’re happy? Sometimes we say we were happy then or will be happy when, but do we ever realise it now…
    All seems well in the Stratton family when husband Gerry, sons Glyn and Adam with their partners Stephanie and Maureen gather to celebrate wife and mother Laura’s 54th birthday at their favourite restaurant. But tensions and secrets lurk beneath the happy, joyous surface - Glyn is trying to rebuild his marriage with Stephanie, Laura disapproves of Adam’s new girlfriend Maureen, and old unspoken feelings lie between Gerry and Laura. Each of these fragile situations needs to be addressed by bringing up the memories of the past, living the uncertainty of the present and coming to terms with the inevitability of the future.

    Alan Ayckbourn, in one of his most acclaimed plays, explores our perception of moments through a delicate balance of humour and pathos. Time Of My Life questions whether we spend most of our lives looking forward to things or looking back. All of the characters are in search of personal happiness, but as is so often the case, they find it difficult to recognise it once found. By learning about the family’s lives, past, present and future in a journey through time and human emotions, might we ourselves be able to get a glimpse of how best to have the time of our lives?

    First staged twenty-five years ago in 1992, Time Of My Life is now a classic of modern drama, combining Ayckbourn’s dialogues of sparkling humour with a heartwarming sensitivity to the struggles of the human condition."

    UCATT will be taking Alan Ayckbourn's "Time of My Life" around venues in China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan this September for a period of three weeks. On tour we will be performing at universities, international schools and public venues. There is also a strong educational element to the tour, so as well as the performance we will be engaging audiences in theatre workshops and discussions on the play. There will also be a home-run in Cambridge and London.



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