By Michel Tremblay

    23:00, Wed 29th April – Sat 2nd May 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 1

    "She touched me all over, just like I'd touched the body of Our Lord."

    Manon needs God to speak to her. Sandra needs to fuck somebody.

    This fearless and passionate play touches on the lives of two women obsessed. Manon is chaste, lonely and desperate for divine release. Sandra is a transvestite, driven by a primal desire for sexual gratification that drifts into religious ecstasy.

    Each untouched, their stories intertwine. One can’t stop touching her wine red rosary beads, the other wants to paint on her lover’s body with green lipstick. Both are outcasts. Both are frantic. Both want to feel someone else’s skin against theirs.

    Translated from Québécois French by John Van Burek, this play is a snapshot of passion and desperation, in the form of interweaving monologues. Welcome to the stage the sacred and the damned.



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