The Maids
    By Jean Genet (Translated by Bernard Frechtman)

    20:00, Wed 10th – Sat 13th February 2016 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Lent Week 4

    "Naturally, maids are guilty, when madame's are innocent. Oh Madame... if I had been your executioner, I would have carried out your sentence to the last drop. The tea you have refused to drink - I would have broken your jaw open and poured it down your throat."

    'The Maids' by Jean Genet, inspired by the infamous Papin sisters, is the sinister story of two sisters - Solange and Claire - who are maids to a wealthy society Lady. From sadomasochistic fantasies concerning her and each other, portrayed through elaborately constructed 'rituals', to poignantly challenging notions of so-called morality, middle class values and upper class entitlement, this play questions where the true balance of social power lies, while power swings not only between the social divide but between the two sisters themselves.

    "I'm getting carried away by the devil! In his fragrant arms he's lifting me. I'm taking off! I'm high!"



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