Attempts On Her Life
    By Martin Crimp

    19:00, Tue 24th February 2015 - Sat 28th February 2015 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 6

    “Let’s just say… that the trees have names? Okay? That’s right- the trees. I know- you think I’m crazy.”

    Attempts to define her? Attempts to save her? Or attempts to ruin her life? A harrowingly realistic portrayal of one private life, presented through a kaleidoscopic disarray of personal vignettes, unravels the tale of a woman, enveloped by the demands of the twentieth century. Crimp’s display of twenty-first century obsessions clutter the stage as we are bombarded by memories of childhood, violence, unprotected sex, terrorism, pornography and commercialism. But we are all asking ourselves the same question: who is Anne? Or Anya? Or Anna? One woman, an ‘other’, a nobody in modern society.

    Martin Crimp’s ground-breaking seventeen ‘scenarios for the theatre’ first baffled theatre-makers in 1997 in its first appearance on stage at the Royal Court with its sparse, alienating play form and rich language, the continues to question our use of theatre today, and the way we use the stage to depict real life.


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