Girls Like That
    By Evan Placey

    23:00, Wed 2nd December 2015 - Sat 5th December 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 8

    “The problem with girls like that is they ruin it for everyone. The problem with girls like that is they give all girls a bad name.”

    When Scarlet’s naked photo goes viral around school, the ferocity of smartphones and tweets are unleashed and her reputation is torn to shreds. The enemy however is not the boys; this is girls against girls.

    "Sket, skank, slapper, you deserve everything coming to you"

    A twisted fusion of 'Mean Girls' and 'Black Mirror', this explosive play captures our increasingly distorted sense of reality and the pressures on today's digital generation. While it is viciously funny, it speaks with brutal honesty and shockingly reveals not only the messed up standards that are imposed on young women by men, but more importantly by women themselves. Be prepared to leave asking yourself uncomfortable questions and rethinking how many friends you actually have on Facebook.


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