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Hot Gay Time Machine (Ed Fringe) - Show Chaplain

11:10pm, Mon 7th August 2017 - Mon 28th August 2017, at Daisy, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe

Gays. Music. Dance. Comedy. (lack of) Talent. Lights. Camera. Action.

“you'll emerge from it enlivened and exhilarated, if a little shell shocked” (CTR)
“Their approach is underground and edgy, and the speed of their improvised interactions is riveting.” (Varsity)
“it's completely delightful” (CTR)

Join Zak and Toby, as they take you out on a cabaret evening of outrageous dances, hilarious comedy, and mind-blowing songs that will BLOW your MINDS. So what are you waiting for? Gay marriage? WELL WE GOT THAT ALREADY SO COME PARTY WITH THE GAYS.

Covering all the important moments of a gay man’s life, from coming out to your mum to navigating the naked politics of the school locker room, this musical duo present a camp, ridiculous and honest celebration of LGBTQ+ culture and difference. Don’t miss this “well-seasoned double-act” (CTR) as they debut this riotous, flamboyant and wildly indulgent musical party. It’s only a party when the gays arrive.

Human Animals @ Edinburgh Fringe - John, Costume Designer

11:00am, Mon 14th August 2017 - Sat 19th August 2017, at SpaceTriplex
12:30pm, Mon 21st August 2017 - Sat 26th August 2017, at SpaceTriplex

Blood dries darker than you think
It's the moment of darkness into deeper darkness
Are those my only options?
Congealed red on the glass
A mouse in your cereal box
A noise up ahead
A scratching between the wall
As they shot them right through the wing
Are you going to kiss me back?
Are you going to?

Nature is revolting! London struggles against an animal infestation - or does it? In the midst of the chaos, six characters endure a restrictive, claustrophobic existence: as curfews are enforced, roads closed and parks burned to the ground, their humanity is reduced to one alarmingly similar to their animal companions. Smith’s play presents a twisted version of natural selection that interrogates how far society will go to protect itself. As animal instincts kick in and civility is discarded, characters must choose between fight or flight. Should they bare their teeth and bite back, or roll over compliantly?

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