Boring Prince Bertie of Belgium and the Attempted Wedding of 1850
    By Marcus Martin

    23:00, Wed 22nd – Sat 25th October 2014 Venue to be confirmed
    Michaelmas Week 2

    New comedy! It’s 1850 and the stakes are high in fictional Europe. The beautiful Italian princess, Isabella, is due to marry Boring Prince Bertie of Belgium in less than 24 hours. But she – and every other nation at the wedding – seems to have other ideas. After all, no one likes Bertie. Even he thinks the jury’s out on ‘liking Bertie’.

    The ever-flappable Lady Bradley of Great Britain has been charged with ensuring the arranged royal wedding goes without a hitch. This was never on the cards. With Italy up to its eyeballs in debt to France, Britain, and Russia, it quickly becomes clear that the wedding has become the simmering epicentre of a much larger political game.

    Suddenly, just hours before the wedding, news arrives that Boring Prince Bertie, the Belgian groom, has been abducted! But who is behind it? And who will take his place? Can three vying empires each navigate a suspicious plurality of grooms, mistaken identities, shock abductions, and the free-spirited Princess Isabella to see that their choice of groom walks down the aisle? It sounds almost farcical. It is literally farcical. This play is a farce. The good kind of farce. Come see this play. Or better still, be part of it.


    Agent Boro
    Emperor Vladimir II of Russia
    Handsome Prince Daniel of Denmark
    Lady Bradley of Great Britain
    Prince Talik of Turkey
    Prince Philip of Prussia
    Princess Isabella of Italy
    Queen Margaret of Great Britain
    Queen Fifi of France
    Jenkins of Scotland Yard
    Lord Latafat of Turkey
    Agent Timi

    Production Team

    Publicity Designer
    Set Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Technical Director
    Sound Designer
    Costume Designer ,
    Set Builder
    Stage Manager
    Dress Rehearsal Photographer –