Tamburlaine the Great
    By Christopher Marlowe

    19:00, Fri 14th – Sat 15th November 2014 at Michaelhouse Chancel
    Michaelmas Week 5

    'Come, let us march against the power of heaven, And set black streamers in the firmament, To signify the slaughter of the gods.' Over the course of Tamburlaine Parts 1 and 2, the eponymous Tamburlaine rises from being a lowly shepherd to forging one of the largest empires the world has ever known. But his meteoric rise comes with a cost; as he carves a bloody swathe across two continents, his war-lust grows to the point where even his own family must learn to fear him. Women, children, and even his own son all meet their end at his hand.

    Ultimately, with no earthly kingdoms left to conquer, Tamburlaine takes up arms against God himself, daring Him to end his reign. A stunning portrait of a brilliant yet savage man, Tamburlaine the Great asks one simple question: at what price, greatness?

    After making a name for himself with Dido, Queen of Carthage, Marlowe followed it up with the epic Tamburlaine the Great. The play was so successful that it prompted him to pen a sequel, which was met with similar critical acclaim; together, these two plays were the only ones published during his lifetime.

    The Marlowe Society presents the final instalment of The Marlowe Festival, in the unique surroundings of the Michaelhouse Chancel.


    King of Jerusalem, Sultan of Egypt
    Bajazath, Callapine
    Zabina, Sigismund
    King of Morocco, Messenger 1
    Attendant, Gazellus, Perdicas, Messenger 2
    Calyphas, attendant
    Agydas, Governor of Babylon, Orcanes
    Mycetes, Almeda
    Olympia, Virgin 2, attendant
    Amyras, Frederick, Ebea, Virgin 1
    Cosroe, Captain of Balsera, Soldier

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