Spoiler Alert
    By Charlotte Cromie

    11:25, Mon 13th – Sat 25th August 2018 at Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Ivy Square
    Summer Vacation

    ‘Same old story here. When women start getting prophetic, total arseholes stop getting laid.’

    Maddy and Jim’s relationship is having problems. Amazingly, it’s not because Jim has forgotten her name. Maddy has suddenly become prophetic, and she doesn’t like it one bit – try having sex with someone who you can see decomposing. She soon discovers there’s a gigantic prophetic community out there. As she ventures through Prophetics Anonymous, the Prophetic Pride movement, the disheartening futures of her primary school students, and a startling discovery about her boss, Jim tries to support her while also trying to remember her name.

    This year's winner of the Harry Porter prize, the Footlights annual new writing prize for a one-hour comic play (4 stars Varsity, 4.5 stars The Tab), is bringing the gift (or curse) of prophecy to the Edinburgh Fringe.


    Mrs Pope
    Debby / Poppy
    Dave / Mickey
    Annabel / Cammie / Rosie
    Rob / Jack / Steve

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