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Rights of Passage - Izzuddin

7:00pm, Tue 17th October 2017 - Sat 21st October 2017, at Corpus Playroom

CN: sexual and physical violence, homophobia and racism

Miremba, a Ugandan woman forced to leave her girlfriend and marry. Izzuddin, a Malay man who’s scholarship is removed when his sexuality is revealed. Hamed, an Iranian man who is told by the British Home Office that he is not gay. In their countries they are defined and oppressed based on their sexuality, in England their identity is denied without evidence. They are all asylum seekers, they are all LGBT+, and their stories are all true.

In Oxcam’s first venture in to Cambridge theatre, we bring you real stories from real asylum seekers. With much of the dialogue transcribed from interviews, ‘Rights of Passage’ provides an authentic and heart-breaking insight into the lives of refugees and the struggles they face. Persecuted in their countries, their oppression doesn’t end when they come to England. Their voices are taken away from them. Come, hear their stories.

FIRM NOSE: A Rejected Sketch Show - Writer, Performer

9:30pm, Thu 19th October 2017 - Sat 21st October 2017, at Corpus Playroom

Everyone who’s ever done a sketch show has those sketches that seem hilarious at the time but, upon reflection, can never see the light of day. FIRM NOSE stages these ‘creatures’, and shines the harsh light of day upon them, to watch them writhe and thrive on the Corpus Playroom stage. These ‘sketches’ go so far beyond funny that they swing back around and hit you in the face with how funny they are. Like big, friendly, non-offensive boomerang(s). Have no fear, these are not things that go beyond the line and OFFEND, but things that go beyond the line and beFRIEND!

Fresh from the dark regions of Google Drive and performed by a rag-tag team of failed legends and fading stars, these are ‘sketches’ that have been ‘put’ in the folder marked FIRM NO’s (get it???)

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