Baby Steps: A Sketch Show

    21:30, Mon 12th June 2017 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 7

    Every October, 3000 teenagers are carried south by the University of Cambridge Admissions Storks (U.C.A.S.), and deposited onto a fleet of punts stationed on the River Cam near the village of Grantchester. The triumphal procession then advances down the river into the Cambridge city centre, and the ‘freshers’ are carefully hand-picked by the various colleges. This birthing process is known as ‘the pool’.

    This year’s dregs, the final five freshers to be picked, unified by collective outrage at their misfortune, have banded together in the silliest way imaginable. They’re taking things one little bit at a time in the big world of Cambridge, so come along to track their baby steps. Join bleary-eyed freshlings Emmeline, Will, Aimee, Alex and Tom as they learn how to walk and then perform comedy in quick succession.


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