The Government Inspector
    By Nikolai Gogol

    19:00, Tue 25th April 2017 - Sat 29th April 2017 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 0

    "I have called you together Gentlemen, to impart a very unpleasant piece of news". This little Russian town is in utter disrepair. It is covered in cobwebs, stained with blood and loud howls are heard at the full moon. The Mayor calls an emergency meeting in the dark, dusty town hall to tell his townspeople of their impending doom: an inspector is coming. They tremble in fear at the news and desperately try to please the man whom they believe to be the inspector, showering him with praise and affection. He is, in fact, nobody of the kind.

    Gogol’s 19th-century play “The Government Inspector” is indisputably Russia’s greatest comedy. Translated into modern-day English and transposed into a gothic style, it is a rip-roaring comedy of mistaken identity, corruption, cobwebs and horror.



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