The Life and Death of Chuck Salmon
    By Alex Franklin and Will Bicknell-Found

    19:45, Sat 4th November 2017 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    19:45, Sun 5th November 2017 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Michaelmas Week 4 to Week 5

    Chuck Salmon has played it safe his whole life. He has a 9-5 office job, a mortgage and the latest iPhone. He likes his curries mild and his receipts filed, his sex vanilla and his ice-cream missionary.

    But one stormy Saturday-Sunday night Chuck is visited by three ghosts, of past, present and future, who try to show him the error of his ways! Will Chuck turn over a new leaf and grab life by the knuckles? Or will he live the rest of his days as a crustless bread and butter sandwich?

    Come and join Footlights Smoker regulars Will and Alex for an hour of sketches and songs in tHE RoUND(!?), featuring guest stars Derren Brown, The Gas Powered Gnome and the elephant in the room.

    Don’t be like Chuck, step into the outside world! And then inside the Fitzpatrick Hall to see the show !


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