Footlights Presents: Pen Pals
    By Will Bicknell-Found, Emmeline Downie, Noah Geelan, Bella Hull and Leo Reich

    23:00, Wed 31st January 2018 - Sat 3rd February 2018 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    Dear Pen Pal,

    Got my Olly Murs bobble-head doll stolen last week which was way past cool, but my mood took a turn for the better when I saw that ‘Footlights Presents: Pen Pals’ is coming to the ADC in Lent Term! Wanna come watch it with me? It’d be so great to finally meet. I can’t think of anything better than watching a bumper hour of sketches, skits and songs from five First Class comedians (you know, like on stamps!)

    Haha - it’s the thrill of going through someone else’s mail without any of the risk! A sketch show about the letters that get lost in the post. I eagerly await your reply.


    Your Pen Pal x

    P.S. How was chess camp? Did you win?



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