Creation Number Nine
    By Alex Franklin

    21:30, Mon 11th June 2018 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 7

    Alex can talk to ants, he got to the semi-final of season 2 of CBBC's Bamzooki, and he knows the guy who wrote 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' (shout out to you Eric). But no one knows any of these things, as Alex finds it hard to talk in social situations. Even worse, there seems to be a mysterious Narrator constantly pointing out his flaws and failures. Watch as Alex takes on surreal characters to express himself, battles The Narrator and struggles to find a voice of his own.

    Join Footlight and Chortle Student Comedy Award 2018 finalist Alex Franklin in his debut one-man show for an hour of narrative comedy with a heart. Expect strange characters, sketch, dance, and Neil Buchanan from Art Attack.

    “Light-hearted, gloriously silly and really very funny.” - ***** Varsity

    'The second game was more one-sided than the first, with Oxford’s jungler wreaking havoc while Franklin, arguably Cambridge’s best player in the first was unable to stave off a number of two-on-one attacks early on.' - Varsity (4-1 loss)

    "This prized Salmon himself is played by Alex Franklin. He excels in this role." - ****1/2 Sam Brown


    Writer/ Performer

    Production Team

    Lighting Design –
    Sound Designer