Midnight Forest Canal: Endgame

    20:00, Tue 19th February 2019 at mystery venue
    Lent Week 5

    Welcome to Midnight Forest Canal.

    Midnight Forest Canal is a fantasy world that is no longer blooming and now is ready to be burned away.

    Midnight Forest Canal extended film project driven by the single desire for filmmaking to be less boring.

    Midnight Forest Canal is the tale of Derek and Jessica in a parallel universe, where Senior Management rules the roost, Serpents are revered, life is cheap, Truth is nebulous, and the division between reality TV and juridical practise is void.

    For one night only, the final version of the film will be presented by a MYSTERY HOST. Interactive elements will be rife, chaos will abound and there will be an atom bomb of an afterparty in some hidden pocket of the Plane (don't ask).

    Praise for previous excepts, as featured at Cambridge Shorts:

    "Ironic and meaningful in equal measure" - The Tab

    “always entertaining and often brilliant in its mad creativity” - Varsity

    Run time: one hour


    Jessica -
    Serendipitous Serpent -
    Saturnine Serpent -
    Narrator -
    Junior Management -
    Senior Management -
    Dungeon Prophet -
    Adrianne -
    TV Presenter -
    Stray Serpent -
    Afterlife Gatekeeper -
    Glass Foundry Boss -
    Spanner Lady -
    Arbitrator -
    Azzurra the Bard -
    Shadow Gal -
    Shadow Guy -
    Immersive Experience -
    Scooter Karen -
    Complex Cynthia -
    Racist Fabrice -
    Himself -
    Wallaby Floo -
    Brando O'Basket -
    Studio Assistant #1 -
    Studio Assistant #2 -
    Studio Assistant #3 -
    Fallen Fury -
    Jessica's Mother -
    Jessica's Father -
    Furious Fury -
    Id//Piano Muse -
    Auxiliary Anxiety -
    Professor Hopcraft -
    Shrewd Witness -
    Anarchist Witness -
    Uncaged Witness -
    Sassy Witness -
    Ghost Lizard -
    Ghost Victoria -
    Civic Beholder -
    Eating Arancini -
    Gates of Hell -
    Witness Wendy -
    Behind the scenes -
    Voice of the Saturnine Serpent -
    Body double for Zoe Panagiotopoulos -
    Body double for Alice Murray -

    Production Team

    Producer (post-production) -
    Director -
    Associate Producer -
    Publicity Designer -
    Camera op (Clone Fight and Stray Serpent) -
    Fight Choreographer (Clone Fight) -
    Safety Consultant (Clone Fight) -
    Makeup Artist for Ms. Murray -
    Assistant Director (Jessica's Lament) -
    Tear Engineer (Jessica's Lament) -
    Latin Verse Consultant -