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Henry Wilkinson: See Me at Lunch! - Publicity Design

12:30, Thu 1st August 2019 - Sun 11th August 2019 at The Belle Angele @ Just the Tonic
12:30, Tue 13th August 2019 - Sun 25th August 2019 at The Belle Angele @ Just the Tonic

‘Henry Wilkinson: See Me at Lunch’ is an hour-long, one-man, hyper-immersive, character comedy extravaganza set in the fictional secondary school, The Bishop of Winton.

The show is based on Henry Wilkinson’s own experiences at the school he grew up in and the one he is currently training to be a teacher at.

Inspired by the teachers who taught him, and the ones he has trained with, the show aims to shine a nostalgic spotlight on some of the unsung heroes of the British schooling system. Across the hour, audience members will be sent back to the classroom to relive their childhood and meet some of the teachers EVERYONE has come across at one point or another.

From the moment the audience file into the room they are part of the show and through the magic of theatre (and the incessant pestering of Henry Wilkinson in character) they wiz through a day in the life of a pupil at the Bishop of Winton.

Ms Ratchet, who has been at the school long enough to remember teaching O-Levels, will try to settle them down in time to teach the overcrowded Year 9 class all about Oxbow Lakes. Some PE changing room nightmares unfold and Henry tries to get changed without pulling his pants down again, whilst Mr Finley, the librarian, leads a group of Year 7 pupils in an interactive (and slightly inappropriate) storybook. Meanwhile, Miss Dooley tries to take the audience on a trip to see Cats: The Musical and Mr Mason ends the day with a rousing assembly on the dangers of leaning back on a chair.

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The Ladies @ Edinburgh Fringe - Co-Producer

21:00, Fri 2nd August 2019 - Sat 3rd August 2019 at The Drayton Arms Theatre
22:55, Mon 12th August 2019 - Sat 24th August 2019 at Ivy Studio, Greenside @ Infirmary Street

Harry and Ella walk into a bar. They’ve been together a year now. It’s going well.

Until suddenly – after a not-so-quick trip to the Ladies – it’s not.

Join us in this intimate venue and watch the drama unfold in real time, first from the corridor outside, and then from within THE most glamorous, the most mysterious, the most sacred of all locations: the ladies’ loos. During Act 1, lament the many impediments of being male – waiting for your girlfriend (seriously, how long does it take to put a tampon in?), neglected, powerless, and, as always, excluded from the action. During Act 2, see what you were missing – revel in the glory of being female, of being welcomed into this chapel of piss, poo and periods, where the gossip and the drama flows as readily as the sickly pink soap from the silver dispensers. And most importantly, find out what happened behind cubicle doors to rock this Perfect Couple.

New endings and old beginnings, frustration and embarrassment, humour and tenderness – this play examines the walls we build around gender and sexuality, and the struggles of navigating a queer new world when those walls unexpectedly come down.

‘The Ladies is one of the best pieces of theatre I have seen during my time here: it is funny and witty, it is utterly sensitive and articulate, and the sheer complexity and nuance of growing up that Tyrrell is able to so aptly cram in is staggering. I love, love, love it.’TCS, 5 stars

‘To have written something so nuanced and cleverly-crafted, with its layers of meaning running from the first to the last second, is such an exciting achievement...’Varsity, 4.5 stars

‘While the play exhibits a deep sense of sensitivity and awareness, its sardonic wit caused audience reactions that ranged from smirking to irrepressible hysterics.’The Tab, 4.5 stars

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