Footlights Presents: Human Resources
    By Jamie Bisping, Harriet Fisher, Lottie Elton, Will Owen, Sasha Bobak and Mariam Abdel-Razek

    23:00, Wed 23rd January 2019 - Sat 26th January 2019 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

    Steve, have you stapled and sorted through that paperwork, because we need to file it by 4pm today, and I’m not staying late again because if I do I swear to god you don’t wanna know what –

    Oh, hello, didn’t see you there.

    Just another day in the office. Pens clicking, printers printing, paper cutting... Jill’s finger, she’s a real klutz. Welcome to Human Resources, mind the water-cooler, inconveniently placed in the centre of the office, but what can you do! Public planning!

    Nothing has changed in the last 32 years I’ve been here, and I was only born 27 years ago! Shocking. Each day is the same and – wait, what’s that.

    “Do not fret, young one, it’s me COMEDee! Life doesn’t have to be dull, turn that mundaneness into insane-ness? Is that right? Let’s brighten up this office with a pinch of laughter, a half-cup of jokes, and maybe consider the Feng Shui of this office because quite frankly I’m sad just looking at it.”



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