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  • Consent - Lighting Designer

    19:45, Tue 15th June 2021 - Sat 19th June 2021 at ADC Theatre

    CW: rape, mention of suicide

    Is Justice really blind? Should she be?

    Two friends find themselves opposing lawyers on a rape trial.
    They have no connection to the people whose lives they are debating.

  • CUMTS Gala Night 2021: A Wild, Wild Party - Casting Consultant/Associate Director

    23:00, Sat 19th June 2021 at ADC Theatre

    Just when you thought that C*VID had wiped us out, CUMTS presents you with the gift of Gala. For one night only, CUMTS brings you an evening of pure musical theatre decadence. Dressed to the nines and…

  • Hen Night: The Musical! - Lighting Designer

    19:30, Fri 6th August 2021 - Mon 30th August 2021 at Gilded Balloon - Edinburgh Fringe

    SAVE THE DATE! The flights are booked, the speeches are written, the dress is ready; but are you?

    'Hen Night: The Musical!' follows the journey of 6 women (bride Lucy and her hens, duh) the night before…


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