It Takes Three to Tango
    By Amaya Holman, Lottie Elton and Will Owen

    14:00, Wed 31st July 2019 - Mon 26th August 2019 at Friesian @ Underbelly Bristo Square
    Summer Vacation

    Frenemies Amaya, Lottie and Will tried everything to get noticed, except the unimaginable: working together. Forced to accept that three heads are better than one, these Cambridge Footlights (and self-proclaimed third wheels) must unite in a tangy hour of sketch and character comedy.

    Watch as this three-person double-act navigate a world obsessed with being the best, and prove that three really can play at that game; that game being ‘exquisitely written, genuinely funny and fiercely intelligent’ (✭✭✭✭✭, The Reviews Hub).

    They’re ready to kill three birds. With one giant shotgun.

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