Hedda Gabler
    By Henrik Ibsen

    19:45, Tue 5th March 2019 - Sat 9th March 2019 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 7

    Like ‘The Doll’s House’, ‘Hedda Gabler’ explores the trope of the married woman stuck in a loveless and constricting marriage and social situation, but gives it a refreshingly new and darker twist. Hedda is a victim of patriarchal society but she is angered rather than subdued by that fact- she acts out on the world and people around her, whether they deserve it or not, in a perverse but horrifyingly empowering act of revenge. A feminist anti-hero, the remarkable (and realistic) complexity of her character and psychology allows the play to transcend its 19th century setting and to become a nightmarish cautionary tale for all oppressive societies - in each new context it is revived and revisited it forces us to reflect on aspects of our own world and selves, and, perhaps, the darker parts that we’d rather ignore.


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