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Magpies Love Mirrors - Main cast

23:59, Mon 7th January 2019 - Fri 15th March 2019 Venue to be confirmed

'Magpies Love Mirrors' is brand new surreal comedy web-series created by Rowan Hall Maudslay, Noah Geelan and Will Bicknell-Found, made with a tasty team of Cambridge comedy talent and hitting your screens in 2019.

Footlights Presents: Human Resources - Writer/Performer

23:00, Wed 23rd January 2019 - Sat 26th January 2019 at ADC Theatre

Steve, have you stapled and sorted through that paperwork, because we need to file it by 4pm today, and I’m not staying late again because if I do I swear to god you don’t wanna know what –

Oh, hello, didn’t see you there.

Just another day in the office. Pens clicking, printers printing, paper cutting... Jill’s finger, she’s a real klutz. Welcome to Human Resources, mind the water-cooler, inconveniently placed in the centre of the office, but what can you do! Public planning!

Nothing has changed in the last 32 years I’ve been here, and I was only born 27 years ago! Shocking. Each day is the same and – wait, what’s that.

“Do not fret, young one, it’s me COMEDee! Life doesn’t have to be dull, turn that mundaneness into insane-ness? Is that right? Let’s brighten up this office with a pinch of laughter, a half-cup of jokes, and maybe consider the Feng Shui of this office because quite frankly I’m sad just looking at it.”

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