Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area
    By Jamie Bisping, Amaya Holman and Laurence T-Stannard

    19:30, Thu 1st August 2019 - Sat 31st August 2019 Venue to be confirmed
    Summer Vacation

    Grab your bag-for-life, stick your pound-shaped keyrings into the trolley, and step inside The Supermarket™© to meet the motley crew.

    Take a walk around [caution: wet floors ahead] and say hello to greasy Phyllis from the fishmonger counter, the perpetual employee of the month: Bridget the Baker, and the vengeance-fuelled Pharmacist. For years, Phyllis has lusted for a bite of Bridget’s soggy bottom, but Bridget’s vanity and decadent vol-au-vent fuelled lifestyle means she just hasn’t looked across the Supermarket and seen what's right in front of her, on the opposite side of the supermarket, concealed by 15 aisles and a flower display. Over there is twice-divorced Vicki from checkout 6, thrice-divorced Nicki from checkout 7, and not forgetting the mysterious Karen, who lurks in the pet supply aisle and eats all the cat food. Every day in The Supermarket™© is harmoniously humdrum, until an unexpected crisis ripples turbulently across the whole supermarket (especially Phyllis’ free samples of haddock jelly).

    Will the employees succeed in saving their beloved store from disaster? Will Bridget ever look past the mirror and over to her cod-scented catch? Does Karen even work here? Will the Pharmacist just have a sip of calpol move on? Who will come out on top? Who has been the undercover boss this whole time?

    ‘Unexpected item in the Bagging Area’ is a CUMTS original comedy-musical from the finest Cambridge talent. Get ready for an absurd hour of hilarious songs, heart-warming characters and some taste-the-difference cookies that are dangerously close to their expiry date.

    Expect the unexpected (item in the bagging area).

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