Neural Notwerks 2.0: Harder Beta Faster Stronger
    By ???

    21:30, Fri 27th – Sat 28th April 2018 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 0

    Neural Notwerks is back from its alpha run, beta than ever! We've got an all-new set of sketches using more advanced technology than before - we present to you our second showcase of mismatched computerised malapropisms, generated and printed live, on stage, at the Corpus Playroom!


    Neural networks are computer algorithms that can learn from information you feed them, then spit out new material, be it Bible verses, Trump tweets, Star Wars scripts, or anything else with a large enough body of work and a consistent enough style. The problem is, artificial intelligence... isn't all that intelligent. The results are both uncannily right and tragically wrong. Don't worry about Skynet just yet.


    8/10 from TCS
    "lively, well-paced, and unexpectedly hilarious"
    "the cast was very good and displayed impressive improvisational talent"
    "a veritable cornucopia of dirty jokes"



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