There Is A War
    By Tom Basden

    19:00, Tue 23rd – Sat 27th January 2018 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 1

    Tom Basden’s There is a War is a bleakly comic play about the absurdity of war.

    As soldiers, priests and scavengers roam a battle-scorched landscape, young medical officer Anne, desperately trying to reach a front-line hospital, finds herself abandoned and useless. The war is raging between the almost indistinguishable Blues and Grays, with no end in sight. On her journey Anne encounters, amongst others, an angry priest, some blasé gravediggers, a clown, a group of campaigners and a recently promoted General. But no one seems to know what exactly it is they’re mean to be fighting for.


    Stella The X Factor Reject (Trailer)
    Iona Wolf (Podcast)
    Gordon The Civil Servant (Podcast)

    Production Team

    Set Designer
    Technical Director
    Costume –
    Assistant Director and Producer – ,
    Trailer Assistant Director and Rehearsal Photographer –
    Lighting Designer
    Lighting Operator –
    Sound Designer
    Stage Manager ,
    Filmmaker –
    Trailer Writer and Co-Director –