By Amaya Holman

    21:30, Mon 8th October 2018 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 1

    It’s thicc, white, and gets a bit greasy if left out in the sun too long… that’s right; it’s a seamless description of both the egg-based condiment Mayonnaise, and of the chicken-nugget-based English student Amaya Holman.

    Putting the “hot” in potato salad and the “hell” into hellmanns, ‘amayonnaise’ will be a saucy (and slightly surreal) hour of solo standup comedy and song, chatting about mental health, body image, growing up, and the complex relationship between a young woman and her condiments.

    Previous Praise for Amaya:

    “laughs” - Varsity

    “10/10” - A Dentist, on the number cavities Amaya had acquired since her last bi-annual check up

    “She is persistently late, and oughtn't blot her scholarly reputation for want of an accurate watch” - camCORS

    “big bobbies” - Man On Tinder



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