By Billie Collins

    19:00, Tue 15th January 2019 - Sat 19th January 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 0

    “Suddenly I felt very Shakespearean. Very Game of Thrones.
    No longer was I the son of Stephen Bewley.
    I was the bastard son of Stephen Bewley.”

    Charlie is on a train from Glasgow to London Euston when he finds out that his mum is a brilliant liar. The man he has called ‘Dad’ for 21 years is not, in fact, his biological father. With one Dad in remission from prostate cancer, and another about to be released from HMP Brixton, Charlie is not sure of anything anymore.

    Funny and moving in equal measure, 'Bastard' is a brand new one-man play about fatherhood, inheritance, and a talking unicorn.


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