Deasil Waltho

Heya! I'm Deasil (pronounced /ˈdiːʃəl/, pronouned she/her), theoretically studying Classics at Girton but mostly doing fun lights and sounds for every show I can. If you've ever been at a show and seen the lights dramatically change during bows when the cast indicate tech, that's probably my doing...


Deasil Waltho is preparing for

  • CAST 2020: The Taming of the Shrew - Lighting Designer/CLX

    19:30, Tue 1st September 2020 - Thu 1st October 2020 Venue to be confirmed

    Welcome to Sly’s, the most popular bar in Padua!

    Bookish newcomer Lucentia and local Hortensia are both taken with the handsome bartender Bianco. The only hitch: his mother Baptista won’t let him settle…

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