Di & Viv & Rose
    By Amelia Bullmore

    19:00, Tue 12th – Sat 16th February 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 4

    'How do you want to live here? I mean we could come and go and lead separate lives. Or we could really live together. What do you think?'

    It’s 1983. Di, Viv & Rose move into a university house and form the unlikeliest of friendships. From their living-room they navigate the many highs and lows of their new found adulthood, and roller-coaster through life encountering sex, loss and all kinds of love. In this daring exploration of friendship and womanhood, spanning 30 years, Di, Viv & Rose reveal the intricacies of relationships, and test their bond to the point of breaking.


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