The Ladies
By A Tyrrell

19:00, Tue 6th – Sat 10th November 2018 at Pembroke New Cellars
Michaelmas Week 5

Harry and Ella walk into a bar. They’ve been together a year now. It’s going well.

Until suddenly – after a not-so-quick trip to the Ladies – it’s not.

Watch the drama unfold, first from the corridor outside, and then from within THE most glamorous, the most mysterious, the most sacred of all locations: the ladies’ loos. During Act 1, lament the many impediments of being male – waiting for your girlfriend (seriously, how long does it take to put a tampon in?), neglected, powerless, and, as always, excluded from the action. During Act 2, see what you were missing – revel in the glory of being female, of being welcomed into this chapel of piss, poo and periods, where the gossip and the drama flows as readily as the sickly pink soap from the silver dispensers. And most importantly, find out what happened behind cubicle doors to rock this Perfect Couple.

New endings and old beginnings, frustration and embarrassment, humour and tenderness – this play examines the walls we build around gender and sexuality, and the difficulties of navigating a queer new world when these walls unexpectedly come down.



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