Whitebeam, Aspen and Shape
    By Charlotte Vine

    14:00, Sun 20th December 2020 - Thu 24th December 2020 at YouTube
    Christmas Vacation

    At first glance, Rowan Whitebeam is a rather ordinary witch in every way - to an onlooker, it may seem that procrastinating doing laundry and getting distracted in lectures by their hopeless crush is the extent of their personal problems. What most do not know is that for many years, Rowan's been haunted by an insufferably sassy demon who they're desperate to be rid of.

    Just how far will Rowan go in their exorcism attempts? How many songs will they break into for absolutely no good reason? And why did one of our cast members have to photoshop their face onto a squirrel?? Join us on this fantasy radio-adventure at the grand YouTube premiere to find out!

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    Rowan Whitebeam -
    Shape/Al -
    Angel Aspen -
    Winston -
    Eva Delaney -
    Jesper -
    Balwinder -
    Forest Guardian -
    King -
    Cassandra / Witch Queen -
    Hildegard -
    Wisteria Whitebeam -
    Andromeda Aspen -
    Bar/Tavern Patron 1 -
    Bar/Tavern Patron 2 -
    MC Witch -
    Workshop Instructor -
    Market Goer -
    Bartender -
    Fruit Seller -
    Nut Seller -
    Florist -
    Bill the Guard -
    Sandi Toksvig -
    Noel Fielding -
    Spirit -
    Young Witch -
    Chorus Singer - ,
    Siren 2 -
    Siren 1 -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Assistant Director - ,
    Writer -
    Producer -
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