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  • Lacuna Ridge: Enter the Void - X , Publicity Designer

    19:00, Sat 5th December 2020 at ADC online

    The sequel has arrived. Are you ready to enter the void?

    The spiritual successor to Lacuna Ridge is finally here. We left the show wondering if X went home. She did - but she’s still trapped in the real…

  • Denis & Katya - Publicity Designer

    19:00, Mon 14th December 2020 - Mon 21st December 2020 at ONLINE

    Denis & Katya follows accounts of the true story of two 15-year-old Russian teenagers Denis Muravyov and Katya Vlasova. Their story was reported worldwide in November 2016 after they ran away from home…

  • Iolanthe (Full-Cast Audio Recording and Staged Show) - Dates TBC - Fleta

    19:45, Fri 1st January 2021 - Sun 28th February 2021 at TBC

    If you thought Parliament was away with the fairies before, you ain't seen nothing yet...

    Every peer in the House of Lords is madly in love with Phyllis, a beautiful shepherdess. But Phyllis is already…

  • Burst (Season 2) - Jia, Writer

    20:00, Fri 1st January 2021 - Sun 10th January 2021 Venue to be confirmed

    Season 2 of Burst is coming- and this time we're going intergalactic...


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