The Man in the Air Balloon
    By Jonathan Powell

    19:00, Thu 14th May 2020 at ADC Online
    Easter Week 3

    Moving to London, trainee journalist David Mason starts to notice a presence in the skies, and a man on his heel.

    His home, his wedding, his hairdressers - the Balloon Man is there.

    Battling a ruthless office hierarchy and disbelief from family and friends - from budding artist Bella, to relentlessly cynical colleague Stefan - David becomes determined to prove the existence of this strange old man and his hot air balloon.

    But as the years go by and with his world closing in, David is forced to confront the shadow that has haunted his life. Ascending to the clouds, he may at last discover the truth about the Balloon Man, and himself...

    'The Man In The Air Balloon' is a time-jumping study of obsession, art, and what it means to be ourselves.


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    The Balloon Man -
    Boat Man -
    Barney -
    Police Officer -
    Dog Lady -
    Adjudicator -
    Hairdresser -
    Store Worker -
    Artist -
    Mourner -

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