Love and Information
    By Caryl Churchill

    21:00, Fri 19th June 2020 at ADC Online
    Easter May Week

    He’s in the kitchen cooking spaghetti and he’s upset about the news from Tripoli.

    A kaleidoscopic play which asks those who watch it and those who stage it “how do we create meaning?” This digital production of Love and Information will bring together 7 different companies and 7 different directors each responsible for one of the play's acts to search for an answer.


    Performer in Act 1, ,
    Performer in Act 2,
    Performer in Act 4,
    Performer in Act 5,
    Performer in Act 6, ,
    Performer in Act 7,
    Performer in Act 4

    Production Team

    Creative Director –
    Assistant Producer
    Director of Act 4 –
    Director of Act 7 –
    Director of Act 6 –
    Director of Act 3 –
    Director of Act 2 –
    Director of Act 5 –
    Director of Act 1 –
    Visual Designer –
    Head Designer –
    Sound Designer