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  • The Hangman Sketch - Producer

    19:45, Sat 31st October 2020 at ADC Online

    A student-run theatre.
    Dressng Room 1.
    Opening night.
    15 minutes to til curtains up.
    And one of the actors is missing.

    What has happened to her?
    Why is the shower door closed?
    Why is everyone so concer…

  • Almost Romeo & Juliet - Producer

    23:00, Wed 4th November 2020 - Sat 7th November 2020 at ADC Theatre

    Two lusty young troublemakers with overbearing dads do their best to have a shag despite the threat of strict parental disapproval. Hilarious consequences ensue, such as tasteless groping, clumsy flirta…

  • The Understudy - Writer, Director, Delilah Samson

    19:45, Sat 7th November 2020 at ADC online

    Delilah Samson, once a world-renowned actress beloved by the theatre and film industry, is preparing for her comeback role as Lady Macbeth after her career is derailed by a catastrophic accident. Whilst…

  • Smorgasbord - Host, Producer, Publicity Designer

    19:00, Mon 9th November 2020 at Youtube

    Smorgasbord is a biannual event celebrating the best of new student writing at Cambridge University. We provide a space for emerging writers to test out their new material, and we are particularly inter…

  • Denis & Katya - Assistant Producer

    19:00, Sun 6th December 2020 - Sat 12th December 2020 at ONLINE

    Denis & Katya follows accounts of the true story of two 15-year-old Russian teenagers Denis Muravyov and Katya Vlasova. Their story was reported worldwide in November 2016 after they ran away from home…


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