From the Ruins
    By Charlotte Vine

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    Lent Week 8 to Easter Vacation

    Dagger is just another kid from the Warren, resourceful, quick-witted, and with very few prospects of a bright future. But they are a dreamer, of an exceedingly naive sort. Fifteen years ago, they quite literally fell from the sky over the city of Guilderstone, injured, afraid and with no memory of who they used to be. Yet despite all odds, they survived, and after such an outcome, who can blame them for believing all sorts of ridiculous notions. They believe that one day they will make the Upper Quarter and Mage Guild of Guilderstone see the injustice of the hardships the Warren must face; they believe that their posh Upper Quarter boyfriend is truly in love with them and will share their passion for just change; they might even believe that the strange necklace that was with them for as long as they remember might one day give them answers about their true past. What they don’t suspect is just how deep such dreams will lead them into the political intrigues of Stormheath, through secrets dark and best left forgotten, and towards mysteries of lost magic that would determine the fate of the whole world.

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    Faron, Guild Member 2
    Nox, Mail pigeon
    Scholar, Bar patron 2
    Princev Thierry, Upper dweller 2
    King, Father, Bar patron 1
    Arrow, Doorman
    Feng, Officer 2, Guild Member 4
    Officer 1
    Juliet, Pilot 2
    Fishmonger, Bar patron 4
    Guard 2, Gang member, Patrick
    Hedgehog, Lily, Upper dweller 1, Sprocket
    Mother, Officer 3, Guild Member 3
    Kid, Bar patron 3, Guild Member 1, Michael
    Guard 1, Aisling, Pilot 1
    Dr Xavier
    Guild Member 5, Officer 4, President Kaigler
    Trailer narrator


    Production Team

    Assistant Producer
    Musical Director
    Publicity Designer
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    Sound Editor
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