Niamh Howat

footlights president 23-24 (
smokers officer 22-23
distributor of tiny plastic babies and good vibes :D


Niamh Howat is preparing for

  • Cloud Eight and a Half – Writer

    23:00, Fri 3rd May 2024 at ADC Theatre

    Cloud eight and a half is a sketch show all about what makes us happy - hobbies, people, crisps, schadenfreude, and everything in between! Come on down to the ADC to enjoy a night of insanity, fun, and…

  • Pack Your Boxers – Script Editor

    21:30, Tue 14th May 2024 at Corpus Playroom

    Pack your boxers, tape your tits, break your voice and embrace the power of being a silly little man. Get roasted by the psychiatrist for your lack of rizz, get roasted by the national press for being…


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